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    • I've been back at Grimes Graves today and I have been exploring new spaces in the Cannon Greenwells pit,  I came upon these 3 wonderful antlers laid right where they were laid 4000 years ago. these were recorded in the excavation over 40 years ago but its special to me as they still have the fingerprints on of the person who left them there such a long time ago.
    • This is a plan of the mine with all the antlers laid where they can be seen today.
    • The pit is also very important to Grimes Graves as it is the only mine that hasnt had members of the public in since it was excavated in 1970 and as such all the mining tool marks are still fresh on the walls today, it really feels like the neolithic miners have only just left.
    • IMG_2366
    • During the visit you can see the flint left in behind, some of this was left for structural saftey or just because it was poor quality.
    • While attending the event its not uncommon for visitors to be treated with the spectacular rising of mist that sweeps into the site much akin to being visited by the sites ancestors carried along on a soft grey blanket.